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Sail Karting is a highly realistic, action packed, Land & Sand Yacht racing game, where you sail your kart in life-like conditions.

You tilt your screen to steer your sail kart through various race courses, each with their own point of interest. You can decide to trim the sails manually, or let the machine do it for you.

*** A highly realistic sand yacht simulator. ***
*** A MUST HAVE for sand yachting fans ***
*** and a great tool to learn how to pilot sand yachts. ***
*** The best ever sand yacht racing app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch ***

Sail Karting is a perfect way to learn how to sail sand yachts. What you need to remember is:

  • Don't sail directly against the wind, you won't go fast!
  • Don't sail with the wind coming directly from behind you, you won't sail fast either!
  • In between, you can sail faster than the speed of the wind. Much faster!
  • Check the green segment on the speed dial. It shows your optimal speed at that wind angle. Make sure it is high, but keep in mind where you're going!
  • When two karts cross each other, the kart coming from the right has priority. Try to be that guy!

Sail Karting is also ideal for the confirmed pilot who wants to improve his tactical and strategic abilities.

And you'll be able to jump over dunes, so you'll get the best of both worlds: realistic and fun!

Enjoy sailing with Sail Karting!

Sail Karting on iPad. Click to enlarge.

Stunning realism

Sail Karting implements an extremely detailed physics engine: shifting winds, dunes slopes, drag coefficients, how well the sails are trimmed... All these parameters (and more) are fed into a highly sophisticated algorithm that calculates the speed of each kart, her heeling angle... up to 60 times per second! That's what it takes to deliver such a realistic experience and smooth handling.

The dials

You rarely have a speed dial or a wind repeater on board a sand yacht... Too bad! But you can find them within Sail Karting, and they're really convenient to better appreciate the environment.

Sail Karting on iPad

The speed dial

The speed dial indicates the current speed of your kart (71 km/h on this picture). It also features a small green segment on the dial's periphery, that indicates the optimal speed (target speed) for the kart in the current wind conditions (wind speed and angle): 80 km/h on the picture. This allows the pilot to quickly check if changing course by only a few degrees (pointing a little less for instance) would greatly improve the yacht's speed. If that's the case, you may very well take benefit from this, even if that means adding a few meters to the course you'll make to the next course marker, but at the same time sailing much faster! When beating or running, this target speed indicator is THE ultimate tool to blast your way through the course... and win the race!

Sail Karting - Wind repeater in apparent + true wind mode Sail Karting - Wind repeater in Apparent Wind mode
Sail Karting - Wind repeater in True Wind mode

The Wind Repeater

In its "Apparent + True Wind" mode, the wind repeater shows you both the apparent wind (APP) and the true wind (TRUE). The red hand shows the apparent wind direction, while the blue one shows the direction of the true wind. Both indicate the angle of the wind to the central axis of the kart.
In the picture here, the kart is making a 67° angle to the true wind (if the wind was coming from the North, the kart's heading would be 67°). However, the angle to the apparent wind is only 19°. That's because the kart is going so fast (71 km/h here) that she has generated her own wind. You'd better trim your sails accordingly!
The wind speed is shown in the small LCD display at the centre of the dial. When the number is red (88.0 km/h in the picture here), it shows the apparent wind speed. If it's blue, then the true wind speed is displayed. The wind repeater will alternate these two readings regularly.

You can change the wind repeater mode to only display the apparent wind or just the true wind. For this, go to the Settings menu (click on the icon with small gears at the bottom right corner of the main menu screen).

Sail Karting - Wind Vane

The wind vane

If you're not used to the wind repeater dials, you always have the standard wind vane to show you were the apparent wind is coming from. The tip of the arrow points to where the apparent wind is coming from.

Sail Karting - Steering help

The Steering Help

An arrow will be drawn behind your kart to help you pilot the kart through the course. The steering help will indicate one of the possible options to reach the next course marker as fast as possible. But there is never only one such option, and from time to time, you need to make a tactical decision that could seem un-orthodoxical! For example, you may decide to point a little bit too much (ride too close to the wind) and therefore sacrifice some kart speed, but to avoid having to tack to pass the next marker...

In Beginner mode, the steering help will always be visible. In Intermediate mode, it'll only show up when your direction is very far from an optimal one. And in Expert mode, nothing! You'll be on your own...


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Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Sail Karting is designed for both iPhone and iPad and is optimized for iPhone 5.